Our Cotton Mattress are designed for those seeking an elegant and natural sleep experience.


India cotton

Did you know that Japan is the  tenth largest market for U.S. raw cotton and the United States is still its largest supplier, making up around 40 percent of raw cotton imports.

Why is this important?    Japan made mattress are mostly from US cotton. Originally native to India, these natures miracle plant fibers have been in use ~2000 BCE (Before Common Era). It spread slowly to China, Japan, Korea and has been the premier sleeping surfaces in all Asian countries for generations. 


cotton in japan

Cotton is loved by consumers in fabric but is equally preferred for natural mattresses due to its 
superior structural quality making it a layer that can be luxurious yet firm to sleep on.  Most of our cotton mattress are made with Texas grown linter that is far superior than the Indian quality used, these are first quality cotton linter cuts that are then weaved into layers into a thick cotton fabric cover. 

Pure cotton fibers are  ofcourse a healthier alternative to synthetic layers and foams but a lot of modern bed in a box companies add memory foams or spring or coils as a base layer to reduce their cost. If you want a true cotton sleep experience, then go for a 100% natural fill mattress. By mixing foams or coil, you cannot replicate the beautiful combination of getting a soft natural layer layered on wooden back surface. 


various latex layers

Cotton mattress are comfortably soft initially but they become firmer with use adapting to your body contours and packing very well.  These type of sleep surfaces are suitable for all types of sleeping profiles but most preferred by side and back sleepers.

Medium to medium-firm support indicates that while soft enough to provide depth for your shoulders, hips, knees, it is also perfectly firm for people preferring tight surfaces. This can be used every night but also lends itself to occasional use.


back pain mattress

Research has shown that sleepers have much better back pain resolution with cotton mattress instead of foam mattress. The number one thing we reccomend is to go by what has been used for centuries without back issues. Look at civilisations and countries that use this, you will find very low incidence of back pain. Back pain during sleep is mostly caused by a poor surface under the mattress such as having a foam mattress rest on foundation or box spring. When you lay a cotton mattress on top of wooden slats, it not only gently ventilates but it ensures your back and sides are supported strongly underneath. 


The most popular reason  to buy wool based mattress, especially  for health allergy prone humans, is due to its great ability to resist growth of bacteria. Most people find cotton to be hypoallergenic, which means there is the least chance of aggravating daily allergies common to people. They are defintely softer and more sensitive to the skin than any chemical or industrial product. 

Free ship

Free Shipping 

We ship our futons, for no cost, its  totally free within the US. Given this is a natural cotton mattress, please  review  our return policy that will detail that return shipping is not included. 

Mini futon 

FREE Sample, refunded after sale

Not sure about BedandWood, order a sample futon to feel the premium build by selecting MINI from size. The price is credited for a future mattress purchase. Use the mini as a spare pillow or a yoga seat.

Warranty 5-Year Warranty and 90 Day Exchange

Our 90 Day Comfort Exchange  can be initiated 15 days(allowing your body to adapt) following the original delivery date of your mattress. Read  about our warranty and exchange policy is here.

Affordable price  Unbeatable Prices

Our passion is to get more people sleeping on natural mattresses. We never discount our organic mattress pricing, giving the same value everyday and for a high quality product. 

Organic mattress queen  All US sizes

Organic cotton futon mattress in King, Cal King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin XL and Twin.  We also make custom size on request.. 

organic bed   Mattress is weighed

Given its packed with natural fibers, our organic futon is filled by weight and hence the height may be lower or higher by a few inches. 

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Given its a natural wool mattress, should we expect dust mite ?
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Organic futon cotton mattress

Organic futon cotton mattress

Indian mattress but organic Cotton&nb..

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